14 Scenes in NCTU Campus

1.緣慧潤生 A Landmark of the Mind

2.綠掩重樓 A Green Lush Screen over the Compus Buildings

3.荷塘月色 A Moonlight View of the Lotus Pond

4.康莊迎曦 A Boulevard Welcoming the Dawning Day

5.率意通衢 The Stroller’s Thoroughfare

6.風亭九思 The Wind Pavilion of Chosy (meditation)

7.思園春曉 The Garden of Eternal Spring-Szuyuan

8.南台遠眺 A South Height for a Distant Views

9.西亭笑語 A West-Side Place for Chats and Laughs

10.松林立翠 Emerald Pines

11.竹園映亭 The Pavilion in the Bamboo Grove

12.竹湖晨風 Early Morn Breeze at the Bamboo Lake

13.曲道夾蔭 A Winding Road Lined With Trees

14.玉樹向榮 Blooming Trees