NCTU’s Contributions to Semiconductor Industry in Taiwan

In the recent years, the semiconductor industry has been one of the main cornerstones of economic development in Taiwan, and the Semiconductor Research Center (SRC) in NCTU is just the cradle of breeding semiconductor talents.

In 1977, the Ministry of Education subsumed the SRC, whose building was on the NCTU Po-Ai Campus. Since then, the center began to carry out national large-scale electronics research projects and support colleges in Taiwan in doing related semiconductor research works. In 1998, the SRC started the works of developing domestically-designed equipments, and helping manufacturers develop new materials and procedures, including high-density plasma chemical vapor deposition and high-density plasma reactive ion etching. In 1999, the SRC began its reconstruction, set up the basic procedures for producing planar monitors and photoelectric components, and strengthened the services for the researchers. The SRC will work harder in the future to promote academic research and technology development in the related fields of semiconductors and nano technologies.