The Development of Semiconductor Research Center, NCTU

First-Generation Semiconductor (Transistor) Period

  • 我國第一座半導體實驗室外貌
    The First Semiconductor Laboratory in Taiwan (1964)
  • 第一代半導體電晶體實驗室內部
    Interior of First-Generation Semiconductor Laboratory (1964)
  • 我國成功研製雙極性電晶體的團隊
    The First Successful Developers of Bipolar Transistors In Taiwan (1965)
  • 我國第一座電晶體實驗工場計畫書
    Prospectus of the Fisrt Transistor Laboratory Factory in Taiwan (1965)

First-Generation Semiconductor
(Small-scale Integrated Circuit) Period

  • 第一代罩幕製作系統
    A First-Generation Mask Manufacturing System
  • 1970年代半導體中心工作同仁合影
    Semiconductor Research Center Workers in 1970s
  • 第一代磊晶設備
    First-Generation Epitaxy Instruments
  • 紅膠紙製圖桌
    Red Cellophane Drawing Instruments

Second-Generation Semiconductor
(Large-scale Integrated Circuit) Period

  • 第二代半導體中心大樓外貌
    The Second-Generation Semiconductor Research Center Building (1977)
  • 國科會半導體貴重儀器使用中心簡介
    Introductory Pamphlet of NationalScienceCouncilSemiconductorEquipmentCenter
  • 第二代八支石英爐管
    A Second-Generation Furnace System Consisting of Oxidation, Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPVCD), and Annealing
  • 反應性離子蝕刻系統
    A Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) System

Third-Generation Semiconductor
(Super Large-scale Integrated Circuit) Period

  • 固態電子系統大樓一隅
    The Solid-State Electronics Building
  • 「國家毫微米元件實驗室」落成紀念碑
    The NationalNanoDeviceLaboratoryMonument (1992)
  • 介電薄膜活性離子蝕刻系統(第三代)
    A Third-Generation Vacutec Reactive Ion Etching System
  • 分子束磊晶設備
    Molecular Beam Epitaxy Equipment