NCTU’s Firsts (Computer Field)

  The First Autonomous Land Vehicle with Computer Vision in Taiwan, 1988.

In 1961, the first digital computer in Taiwan was introduced in NCTU. Installing the computer earlier than other universities in Taiwan, NCTU has become a pioneer in the field of Computer Science and has many related leading accomplishments in Taiwan, including:

1970 The first university to organize a computer teaching and research group

1971 Implementing the first minicomputer

1973 Implementing the first medium-sized Chinese keyboard (world-leading)

1975 Implementing the first microcomputer system

1981 Implementing the first programmable industrial robot

1982 Inventing the first automatic Chinese seal identification system (world-leading)

1986 Implementing the first full-page composition system for Chinesenewspapers

1988 Implementing the first autonomous land vehicle with computer vision

1992 Setting up the first optical fiber network in student dorms (world-leading)