Campus Life

NCTU, revering practicality and acting with honesty, keeps track of life full of sounds of wind, rain, and studying for every NCTU student. The Po-Ai campus under Shih-Pa-ChienMountain and the crow and drum for the “Plum versus Bamboo Tournament” in March have marked the most unforgettable memory of the NCTU members who live across the century.

The symbol of NCTU spirit—a stele with “Gratitude” (“When drinking water, think of its source.”)
   (1979 established,2000 photoed)

Do you remember the courses you took and the teachers? Do you recall the restaurants and their dishes? How about Bus No. 2 that contacts us outside the campus? Do you remember the sweet and bitter days when you studied and lived together with good friends? And-do you remember that “ball” which won us the champion of the Plum versus Bamboo Tournament?

Beautiful life and golden time never wait any moment. Here in NCTU, we left our footprints. By following the track of them, let us go back the way we were.