Founding Purpose

About Us

Nanyang College, founded by Hsuan-Wai Sheng in 1896, was the former manifestation of present day NCTU. It was one of the new-style institutions of higher learning in Asia. After the National Government moved to Taiwan, the school was relocated in Hsinchu City in 1958 under the recommendation and support of the American alumni and the leadership of the former University President Hung-Hsun Ling. NCTU used to be the only research institute in the field of electronics in Taiwan, and has now developed into a fully comprehensive university. The remarkable growth and achievements of the University would not have been possible without the continuous hard work of all the faculty, students, and alumni.

In order to bear witness to the outstanding accomplishments and vigorous growth of the University throughout its long history, the Museum of National Chiao Tung University was set up in 2004. Permanent exhibitions here include a Gallery of University Presidents and the Chu-Ming Memorial Room, which commemorates Professor Hung-Hsun Ling, the late President who oversaw the establishment of the University in Taiwan. There is also a University History Area, relating some of the important events in the development of the University over the last century, and The Campus, which shows the vibrant school life on campus. In addition, the Museum features a Semiconductor Exhibition Area and a Computer Exhibition Area, highlighting the University’s enormous contributions to high technology in Taiwan. Finally, there is a Special Exhibition Area, displaying the innovative research outputs as well as literary and artistic works of our faculty and students.

The goal of the Museum is to help preserve the great tradition and spirit of the University. Based on our previous successes so vividly demonstrated here and with earnestness and modesty, the new administration will strive to build an even brighter future for the University. Taking a new global perspective without forgetting our past, we endeavor to make NCTU an ideal environment for all-round education and outstanding research. The Museum will witness the day when NCTU joins the international community of the world’s top universities.

Entrance Hall Area

As you walk into the Museum, you are greeted by a bird’s eye view of NCTU. The mosaic picture was created using software developed by the professors and students of the university. You can see over 4,000 photographs of staff and students, alumni, events of the school’s history, scenes of the campuses, and activities held in the university , all mixed together as a kaleidoscope of images in a meeting of the modern and the traditional, the artistic and the scientific. The picture not only represents the school’s spirit of staff and students striving ahead together, forever building on past successes, but also portray the University as a vibrant, innovative institution that it is.