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The Navigators of NCTU

The origin of “ChiaoTungUniversity” can be traced back to 1896. The Ching government minister Hsuan-Wai Sheng established “NanyangCollege” in Shanghai, and made “cultivating talents for the nation” as the highest purpose.

After the government moved to Taiwan, NCTU was reestablished in Hsinchu in 1958, starting with the “Institute of Electronics.” And “the study of electronics and computers” became the school’s main axis of development. Under the efforts by the university presidents, NCTU attained its present scale.

After Hsuan-Wai Shengadministered the school, Wen-Chih Tang and Hung-Hsun Ling etc., have steered the course in NCTU’s Shanghai period. After the school moved to Taiwan, the presidents were in order Hsi-Mou Li, Chiao-Kuang Chung, Hao-Chun Liu, Ching-Lai Sheng, Nan-Hung Kuo, Ta-Nien Yuan, Chi-Fu Den, and Chun-Yen Chang.

Main Presidents of NCTU
during the years in Shanghai
Presidency Educational philosophy and achievements
Hsuan-Wai Sheng (1844-1916) 1896-1905 Founded Nanyang College, the former name of NCTU. Considered to be the father of the University.
Wen-Chih Tang (1865-1954) 1907-1920 Advocated the study of Chinese classics. Emphasized both technology and humanities. Formed the tradition of honesty and integrity of NCTU.
Hung-Hsun Ling (1894-1981) 1924-1927 Played a key role in the establishment of the school in Taiwan.

Presidents of NCTU in Taiwan Presidency Educational philosophy and achievements
Hsi-Mou Li (1896-1975) 1958-1967 Shouldered the burden of leading the University during the establishment period in Taiwan.
Chiao-Kuang Chung (1907-1996) 1967-1969 Served as the first Dean of the College of Engineering of NCTU.
Hao-Chun Liu (1910-1972) 1969-1972 Devoted entire time and energy to education.
Ching-Lai Sheng (1919-) 1972-1978 Led the planning for campus expansion, which signifies a new era for the University.
Nan-Hung Kuo (1936-) Interim Presidency:1971-1973


Worked in pursuit of remarkable achievements with the expectation of NCTU to be internationally noted.
Ta-Nien Yuan (1940-) 1987-1992 Advocated balanced and extensive academic works as the basis for advanced achievement.
Chi-Fu Den (1931-) 1992-1998 Advocated success of education and recruiting of scholars as the conditions for the University to be ranked at top.
Chun-Yen Chang (1937-) 1998-2006

Vision: To be the best researching university which consists of outstanding academic skills and technology applications, and which contributes the most to the society.

Philosophy (Mission):

  • Create knowledge.
  • Apply knowledge to make contributions to the society.
  • Train students to become outstanding people who own independent thoughts, creativity, and are concerned for the society.

Strategy: Integrate electronic engineering, computer science with biology and social studies to establish a cross-domain team which brings great contribution to the society.

Chung-Yu Wu (1950-) 2007-2011 Nature─ With the earnestness and modesty of our nature, we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to building the future of ChiaoTungUniversity.
Commitment─ With deep sincerity and high seriousness, we establish an efficient administrative system.
Thoughtfulness─ With the spirit of humanism and enthusiasm, we create an ideal environment for all-round education and outstanding research.
Universality─ We take a global perspective, joining the international community of the top universities of the world.
The acronym "NCTU" also means "naturally committed to uniqueness and universality."
Yan-Hwa Wu Lee (1948-) 2011-2015
M. C. Frank Chang (1951-) 2015-